Ocean County Recycling Center
1497 Lakewood Road (Rt. 9)
Toms River, NJ 08755

Phone: (732) 244-1716

Fax: (732) 244-4411


Monday – Friday
7am until 5:00pm

7am until 1:00pm


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    About Us

    ABOUT OCRCOf the many New Jersey companies involved in the recycling of construction materials, Ocean County Remanufacturing Center (OCRC) is unique. OCRC started the recycling of construction debris in 1985. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the recycling business, OCRC can insure that your needs will be met whether it be for disposal options or specific products that we can remanufacture for you.

    Our 20 acre facility is located in Toms River where we accept a variety of sorted waste materials and remanufacture these products into reusable products for sale to municipalities, construction companies, landscapers & the general public.
    Simply disguising raw waste material into a different form for sale is neither environmentally responsible, nor is it OCRC’s goal. OCRC’s goal is to produce innovative end products of superior quality, and to offer the customer a consistently better value than they could receive elsewhere.

    OCRC is proud of their product line which is backed by independent testing labs and the construction practices of many corporations & local governments. Working with OCRC will immediately benefit the environment & save the public money, and at the same time, help meet the recycling goals of the County & the State. OCRC is an integral part of Ocean County and the State of New Jersey and we are very proud of that FACT.